Sunday, February 17, 2013

What Makes A Great Math Teacher?

This is an invitation to have your students fill out this survey.

Fawn Nguyen recently tweeted this from a conference in Las Vegas:

I proposed that I would ask my students on Tuesday (my next scheduled class) the question 'What makes a great Math teacher?' With 130+ students I should be able to get a good wordle out of it. But 130+ seems a bit small considering the resources we have and the online math community. So I'm going to UP my proposal and offer all your classes this survey for this week.

The survey has 3 questions and looks like this:

A Great Math Class

Trying to define what makes a great math class

What makes a great math teacher?
Think about what you'd like in a math teacher, or think about a math teacher in the past and what made them great.

What makes a great math student?
Think about a quality you have that makes you a good student, or a quality you would like to have.

What makes a great math classroom?
Think about things you want to see in the classroom. More than one answer is okay on this one.

Try it out with your math classes this week and I'll post the responses next weekend.

If the link for the survey above doesn't quite work try:

Thank you

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