Thursday, February 21, 2013

Grade 7 Math Class...the novel

I am absolutely thrilled (and terrified to be honest) to announce that this weekend will be the launch of my first novel.

Sally Strange: And How She Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Grade 7 Math

The novel has been a project of mine for a couple of years and has been featured twice in the OAME Gazette.

It will be published here, where you can read ABOUT THE BOOK and see an AUTHOR BIO, along with some other goodies.

I'm very excited to share this news and I wanted to give you a chance to share in my excitement.

For your consideration, here is the foreword by Marian Small, followed by the opening lines of the novel.


Here’s the reality of it. Most students know when the math teacher is trying to trick them.

Nico sent me a version of the manuscript for Sally Strange a couple of years ago, in hopes of some early feedback. He did this because I have published in math and have a long experience in the field. He wondered what I thought of how he had integrated the math into his fictional work. He didn’t want it to feel like a trick.

Well, he succeeded.

I was impressed at how easy and enjoyable it was to read, even without thinking about the math. What is so engaging about the book is how Nico has Sally down cold; you can just see her and hear her as you read the words. But what is so particularly creative is how the math is woven in through the story, the math that both he and I enjoy so much.

He clearly knows what young students think and feel about school and life. For students, math does not lie behind a secret door, or on the 3rd and a half floor. For students, math happens in school, along with all the other drama we call life.

A student who reads this will love the story, but will also be introduced to interesting math problems that are provided along the way. It is an opportunity for students to see the pleasure some of us see in math. Parents who read it will get a better understanding of their children, and will also probably get hooked into solving the problems inside.

The first time I met Nico was in a teacher session I conducted years ago. He stood out in the crowd as a teacher with a unique and creative way of thinking. As I met Nico on subsequent occasions, I could see how right that was.

Hearing Sally Strange’s words make it obvious how much fun it would be to be in such a classroom- another great message for young students; a math teacher can make a math class a great place to be!

Marian Small

Dean and Professor Emerita, University of New Brunswick

I've Got Problems

tuesday september 15th

If I was given the choice between going to math class or going to the orthodontist for a tightening, I’d probably choose the orthodontist. But I’m only 11 and I don’t get to make those choices.

Yesterday, I had the painful tightening. Today, I’m here. Math class.

A free sample of the book will be available here as well.
The purchase of the novel will include 3 formats: e-readers, iPads and Tablets and also PDF for computer use.

All readers of this blog can use the code ynaughtmathblog for a 33.3% discount.
A sincere thank you for sharing in the news, and I hope you enjoy the math adventure.

Nico Rowinsky

UPDATE: The novel is now available on Amazon.


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