Saturday, October 27, 2012

Student Work on the Quiz

At the end of this first run at algebra, I used student work on the actual quiz.
Here's what it looked like:

I'm not sure what this means about creating assessments though.

I think I'm looking to make it relevant for the students. But this seems like it's relevant in a very 'meta' way.

In the build up, I asked students to create patterns with toothpicks, and they did. They also discovered the numeric growing patterns and created the algebraic expressions accordingly. The work was displayed around the room.

And when it came to the assessment of their learning, they did seem somewhat excited to see their classmate's work on the quiz. I know I was excited because I've never done this before, so maybe my excitement rubbed off on them.

Some Initial Questions and a Comment:
  1. Does this "somewhat excited" justify the use of actual student work on the quiz?
  2. In the past I've used student work as an assessment AS learning, but is it just as valid as an assessment OF learning?
  3. Put another way, is this just a novelty/semi-interesting use of technology or does it give me some return on investment?
  4. It was a relatively small investment in time and effort to take the pictures and throw it on the quiz.

Now I'm wondering what you think.

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